The latest news on the joint bid for Scotland and Ireland to host UEFA's top international team competition.

Spoke In Parliament's Wheel's Of Influence
- Scotland Sat 15th January
EURO2012 Bid? Thanks But No, Say SFA
- Scotland Fri 14th January
Political Support For EURO2012 Bid
- Scotland Thu 6th January
EURO2008: Up For Grabs Again?
- Scotland Mon 4th October
EURO2008 Report Card Time
- Scotland Sat 21st June
Taste Of Defeat Still Bitter
- Scotland Fri 7th March
We'll Support You Evermore?
- Scotland Wed 8th January
It Was Not Meant To Be
- Scotland Thu 12th December
Nails Under Pressure
- Scotland Wed 11th December
Nail Biting Finish
- Scotland Wed 11th December
The Winner
- Scotland Wed 11th December
Russia EURO2008
- Scotland Tue 10th December
Nordic 2008
- Scotland Tue 10th December
Hungary EURO2008
- Scotland Tue 10th December
Greece-Turkey EURO2008
- Scotland Mon 9th December
Jack Says Why The Hell Not!
- Scotland Mon 9th December
Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina EURO2008
- Scotland Mon 9th December
Austria-Switzerland EURO2008
- Scotland Mon 9th December
The Race Is Nearly Over
- Scotland Sun 8th December
Expert Views
- Scotland Fri 6th December
Listen To What The People Say
- Scotland Thu 5th December
Ring Of Confidence
- Scotland Wed 4th December
Royal Decree
- Scotland Tue 3rd December
It's Good To Talk
- Scotland Mon 2nd December
Try, Try, Try Again
- Scotland Tue 26th November
Nordic 2008 Still In The Running
- Scotland Mon 25th November
Pack Your Bags!
- Scotland Fri 22nd November
Cap In Hand
- Scotland Wed 20th November
Keeping Up With The Times
- Scotland Mon 18th November
Decision Process Clarification
- Scotland Mon 11th November
Cream Rises To The Top
- Scotland Sun 10th November
Foward Thinking. Not!
- Scotland Sat 26th October
EURO2008 Contenders Still Being Encouraged
- Scotland Mon 21st October
A Pregnant Pause
- Scotland Wed 16th October
Not Dead Yet
- Scotland Fri 11th October
Hungary For Success
- Scotland Sat 28th September
Twin Towers No More
- Scotland Sun 22nd September
Voting Right
- Scotland Sun 22nd September
It's All There In Black And White
- Scotland Sat 21st September
UEFA Tour Ends On High Note
- Scotland Fri 20th September
Edinburgh Is Still A Big Draw
- Scotland Fri 20th September
A Chance To See Real Grounds
- Scotland Wed 18th September
Irish Eyes Are Starting To Smile
- Scotland Tue 17th September
Share And Share Alike
- Scotland Tue 17th September
UEFA Delegation Like What They Hear So Far
- Scotland Tue 17th September
Key EURO2008 Tour Starts
- Scotland Mon 16th September
Over Our Dead Body
- Scotland Sun 15th September
Charlie Not A Darling
- Scotland Sun 15th September
We Gotta Talk
- Scotland Sun 15th September
Bid Still Alive
- Scotland Sat 14th September
Hope Springs Eternal
- Scotland Wed 11th September
Irish Investors Wanted
- Scotland Tue 10th September
Is The Fat Lady About To Sing?
- Scotland Mon 9th September
On Our Best Behaviour
- Scotland Sun 1st September
Still On Target For EURO2008
- Scotland Thu 22nd August
Gagging For It
- Scotland Wed 21st August
Not Winning Friends
- Scotland Mon 19th August
Alpine Bid Down Slipping Slope
- Scotland Fri 16th August
GAA Going Back On Their Word?
- Scotland Fri 16th August
Another Hurdle Cleared
- Scotland Fri 9th August
Going According To Plan
- Scotland Wed 31st July
Moving Into The Lead?
- Scotland Sun 28th July
Cheers II
- Scotland Wed 24th July
Hot Favourite?
- Scotland Fri 19th July
Another Twist In The Tail
- Scotland Thu 11th July
Contenders Ready!!!!!!!
- Scotland Mon 1st July
That Name Rings A Bell
- Scotland Thu 27th June
Competition Hots Up For EURO2008
- Scotland Mon 24th June
Roll On December!
- Scotland Thu 20th June
EURO2008 Fall Back Position
- Scotland Wed 12th June
Ireland Make The Right Decision!
- Scotland Tue 4th June
Oh Ambassador, You Spoil Us
- Scotland Wed 29th May
- Scotland Wed 29th May
5 Days In May
- Scotland Sun 26th May
Not So Keane!
- Scotland Fri 24th May
The EURO2008 Fight Goes On
- Scotland Sat 27th April
Greek Tragedy
- Scotland Wed 3rd April
EURO2008 Still On
- Scotland Thu 7th February
EURO2008: Sports Minister press release
- Scotland Tue 5th February
In Need Of Support
- Scotland Wed 23rd January
Two Better Than One?
- Scotland Wed 23rd January
The Persuaders
- Scotland Sun 20th January
He Knows You Know
- Scotland Thu 3rd January
- Scotland Thu 12th July
Finnish them off
- Scotland Wed 11th July
EURO2008 study part 3: Irish can make it!
- Scotland Tue 13th February
EURO2008 study part 2: Combine the Celts!
- Scotland Mon 12th February
EURO2008 study part 1: Old Firm Knock-Out!
- Scotland Sun 11th February
Support From Low Countries
- Scotland Sat 20th January
McLeish backing 2008
- Scotland Sun 26th November
Politicians - Parliamentary Motion
- Scotland Tue 10th October
Politicians View from - Alex Salmond SNP
- Scotland Tue 10th October
Politician's View from - Fiona McLeod SNP
- Scotland Tue 10th October
Austria go for 2008
- Scotland Thu 17th August
SFA Confirm EURO2008 Bid
- Scotland Tue 8th August
Local Government are no help!
- Scotland Mon 7th August
Joint Bid Option
- Scotland Wed 19th July
Joint bid in the offing
- Scotland Wed 19th July

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