It Was Not Meant To Be

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Disappointed David Taylor
As so the great adventure ends with an 'if only' rather than a 'Ya Beauty!' UEFA's Executive Committee decided that the best bid did not win the race for EURO2008. The actual winners are to be Austria/Switzerland. Who would have thought that when the first gleam in the collective eye of the SFA when they thought of joining the race? UEFA President Lennart Johansson announced the winning bid this afternoon in Geneva

The recriminations over whether the vote would have gone any other way if Scotland had mounted a solo bid will last until we do actually get awarded a tournament. Will the SFA contemplate going for EURO2012? Who knows, perhaps it is too early to tell. I do know that David Taylor had a date penciled for a meeting to discuss the possibility for Friday. This is one meeting that he would have been glad to cancel. However, the support and experience gained during the race for EURO2008 should not be wasted. Many valuable lessons will have been learnt over the 2 years the process has been running. It would be a shame not to put them to good use.

What swung it for Austria/Switzerland? We may never really know. The football political jungle can be as dangerous a place to walk without friends as the real jungle. Perhaps we did not have as many friends as we thought. Perhaps passion and fan favour was not what UEFA were wanting. Perhaps it was not our turn. However, we will live to fight another day.

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