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Last updated : 06 December 2002 By Ed_ScottishFitba

High hopes for all

EURO2008 fever is catching and even The Scotsman has been infected. They give pride of place on the back page to the thoughts of one of the most successful managers in the modern game, Sir Alex Ferguson. Not much of a shrinking violet, Ferguson lets fly at those who belittle the joint bid. He knows that Scotland and Ireland are unrivalled when it comes to football passion but is a bit worried about the political influence on UEFA from the country in which it is based. However, he feels that Scotland and Ireland have clearly the best bid. Who am I to argue? Part of the presentation to be made by the SFA/FAI delegation next Wednesday will be a special video clip from Ferguson. He can be impressive in full flow. Let’s hope he tells them like it is.

We also took the opportunity to grab a few words from the director of the joint bid, John Henderson. He is busy making final preparations for the presentation and the question and answer session which will follow. Henderson thinks things are close but Scotland and Ireland have just enough to tip the balance our way. Henderson said: "The bids of Scotland/Ireland and Austria/Switzerland are evenly balanced. But I feel we have the edge because of the size and quality of our grounds, the atmosphere at games in Scotland and Ireland-notably the knowledge and enthusiasm of our fans, the welcome we would give visitors and the great legacy this would give the game .We would host a memorable tournament".

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