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Last updated : 07 June 2008 By Ed_ScottishFitba
You will remember that we recently wrote about the move by some MSPs to get the government to support a solo bid by the SFA for EURO2012. With the motion still to be discussed in parliament, there may be little point in going ahead with using up precious parliamentary time since the SFA has announced that they have other fish to fry before they will consider going for another major championship. We already know that Italy, Greece, Poland, Austria and Ukraine are all considering bidding for the second largest football tournament in the world. With the euphoria still buoying the country as current European champions, who would bet against Greece and Italy being the ones to fight it out when the decision is made in December 2006?

The motion before parliament was submitted by SNP MSP for Aberdeen North, Brian Adam. Understandably, he wants his day in the spotlight and has issued the following statement commenting on the SFA announcement that they do not intend to bid to host EURO2012. He said: "I am deeply disappointed that the SFA have ruled out bidding for Euro 2012 and I would strongly urge them to re-think their decision. I have a motion currently before Parliament calling on the government to back a solo Scottish bid to host the 2012 championships and I hope that Ministers will intervene to try and get the SFA to change their mind. The recent European Championships showcased Portugal to the world and I am sure that if the tournament were held here, Scotland would benefit likewise. I do hope that the SFA, the government and all of Scotland can come together and agree to mount a solo bid and work in partnership to ensure that it is a success."

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