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EURO2008? Why the hell not!

Rather a lot of folk think that we are not wasting our time bidding for EURO208. Have a read of some supportive comments.

"Anyone who was in Glasgow the day of the 2002 Champions league final would now appreciate not only how wonderful an event this would be and how good a football party we CAN put on, but also that its worth us pulling out all the stops to get Euro 2008." from Gareth King.

"It would be brilliant if the event could be held in the Celtic countries for 2008. No better sets of fans could you find on your travels, can you imagine the parties that would take place for the games." from Bartley Ramsay, Dublin.

"It's the good idea! I'm with you all my heart!!!!" from Przemyslaw Folwarczny, Wodzislaw Slaski, Poland.

"Scotland and Ireland have a combination of excellent existing facilities and friendliest support in the world. This makes the partnership a dream ticket for UEFA and tournament organisers!" from Colin Stevenson, Glasgow.

"Good on you- the championships would be a wonderful thing for Scotland- Seeing Sydney during the Olympics and the effect it has had since tells me that there is much to lose if we do not try our best to secure the championships for two great nations." from Steven Miller, Sydney, Australia.

"Having attended the World Cup Finals in Japan / Korea, I long for the opportunity to provide as much of a welcome to visitors to this part of the world as fans from all over the globe received in Asia." from Richard Finnegan, Dublin.

"We have a fantastic bid in the making and bringing Euro 2008 to Scotland would be the best thing that has EVER happened to this country. The Champions league final was superb but only lasted for 1 day imagine having it last for 2 weeks. We can do it!" from Andrew Wright.

"I'm a 20 yr-old Spanish student, and I have visited bid site. I'd like Scotland and Ireland to organise the Euro2008. I think both countries have all they need to become the Winners. Good Luck." from Alejo Miranda de Larra.

"I think Scotland and Ireland deserve to host this tournament as these are 2 of the finest hosts that Europe could provide, and it could put these teams on the international football map, especially Scotland, this could even be the turn-around Scotland needs to inspire themselves and their loyal fans to become one of the elite footballing teams of the world
Go Scotland!
" from Michael Allen in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

"The English all said football is coming home in 1996 if Scotland and Ireland are successful in this bid well football is really coming home good luck Scotland and Ireland" from Brian Urquhart.

"I hope we get the championships, I think its a really good chance to show the rest of Europe and the world what Scotland and Ireland have to offer." from Alex Barrington.

"I think the Irish and Scottish bid for euro 2008 is great. We have some of the finest stadia in Europe and the party atmosphere is great in both countries I’m not saying the other countries don’t deserve it but Ireland and Scotland are really in a class of their own." from Paul Howlin, Ireland.

"Keep up the good work! You should know that there are many people from Serbia who would be delighted in case of your success. I wish that the dream of the first Euro Championship in CELTIC countries would come true. All the best for people from Scotland and Ireland!" from Nenad Lavadinovi, Beograd, Serbia.

"As my country has got the WC 2006, it would be great to see European football in Scotland and Ireland as the people and fans over there are known as very nice, fair and warm. It would be just great to see the games on the background of that kind of crowd." from Michael Bruch.

"The two best group of fans in the world come together with the two best whisk(e)y's in the world, played in the two most gorgeous countries in the world. That’s what makes this bid the best joint bid in the world! Good luck for 2008" from Neil Paterson.

"Hello! I am a football fan from Germany and I have been many times in Scotland. It’s wonderful. I would like to give you the Euro 2008." from Jan Dickmans (Germany).

"Like the official bid says "We Can" and so we must ask Why not?" from Mal.

"As a fan of Scottish Football in General I am right behind the bid" from Richard Smith.

"The potential impact, both in economic and entertainment value, is crucial for Scotland and Ireland. It's about time we portrayed ourselves as 'world players' - C'mon!!!" from Mark Kummerer.

"You saw how the Irish fans in Korea/Japan had a party with many nationalities (even when Ireland lost). That was only 15,000 of them. Imagine being in a place where there are millions of them. Good luck in your bid SFA/FAI." from Graham Duffy.

"I am from Peru, but I live in Spain, I support your bid team, because you have better stadiums than the other candidates , I hope you obtain the host of this euro2008" from Jesus Perez Palma, Madrid, Spain

"Two of the worlds greatest nations come together in the name of football. Fans from all over Europe will travel to these two amazing countries to watch their team play football, amongst them will be the friendliest locals in the world. Nowhere else in the world would you have this much fun. Lets make this the peoples championships." from Mark Hamilton, Glasgow.

"The quality of the stadia, the quality of the countries, the quality of the people, the quality of everything. How can anyone else top this bid? Roll on 2008. Good luck, we deserve this" from Michael Hay, Bury, Lancashire.

"Ireland and Scotland are like sisters, therefore we are perfectly suited as a joint bid to host this most prestigious of events. One thing the people of Europe will be guaranteed is a warm and traditional welcome by our nations as this is a gift that comes naturally to us. Please allow Ireland and Scotland to host EURO2008, together as one we can deliver." from Anthony O Neill.

"I'm a Italian girl but I love Ireland and I hope you win in the 2008 bid, it's a beautiful team. All Ireland and Scotland are so nice!!!" from Ilaria, Italy.

"Scotland and Ireland - two of the most beautiful countries in Europe, two of the friendliest people in Europe and the best fans in the world - what else do you want?" from Jörn Schaper, Germany.

"Lets all get behind this bid, and show the world that we can hold the best finals of any nations and put us firmly on the world stage." from Brendan Cox.

"I am a soccer-mad teacher of English. I look forward to the best championship in years. Having lived in Edinburgh for four years I realise what the entire games entail for Scotland." from Eric van 't Zelfde, Netherlands.

"I live in England but i am a huge Ireland fan and it would be brilliant for Ireland if they co-hosted the euro championship we could easily entertain the fans of all countries just look at the world cup we partied all the time and were probably the best lot of fans there" from Thomas Conroy.

"I hail from Edinburgh and now reside in sunny San Diego, California. I have witnessed the hosting of TWO World Cup's, men’s and ladies. It has to be said that they were a commercial success but oh how the character of a warm welcome and genuine passion for the sport was missed. I know that between Scotland and Ireland, overseas visitors will enjoy the games but 'experience' the hospitality that would await them! I'll be there...who'll join me?" from John Inglis.

"I am in total support for the joint Scotland Ireland bid and i hope with all my heart we get this major sports event. Good luck" from Robert Kerr, Edinburgh.

"I passionately hope that we become hosts of this tournament. Best of Luck with the bid." from Shane Donohue in Kildare.

"It would be a dream come through! ...The two best sets of supporters in Europe, two fiercely competitive teams & two countries known for their friendly welcomes...a sure fire winner." from Ciaran Melia.

"Do it for the good of the game in our homelands, but more importantly do it for the people. We're 100% behind you. Thank you." from Malcolm Kerr.

"What more can you ask for? A friendly atmosphere, great cities for the fans to enjoy themselves and above all, the greatest European championships EVER." from Chris.

"A tournament such as this one would hopefully inspire such an improvement in the interest, investment and quality of the game and infrastructure of both countries. So I say bring the European Championships of 2008 to Scotland and Ireland, it’ll be great!" from James MacGregor.

"C'mon Scotland and Ireland. WE have the best Culture, best fans, and the more fun than any other country, Why look elsewhere?" from Gordon T Miller.

"Good luck to all involved in working on the bid. Please bring the Euro2008 to Scotland and Ireland!!" from Ruth Harkin.

"As a proud Scotsman, I wish Scotland and Ireland the best of luck in trying to bring the finals to both our very special nations. As a fan of the Irish i have to say thank you for being friends to us and supporting scotland through the years, you truly are our best friends. Let's win that bid and bring football to the 2 most friendly nations in the world." from Kevin.

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