Enforced R&R Not That Great

C:WindowsTempphp1CE0.tmpThe festive period can be a frustrating time with so much football going on but having to sit on the sidelines through injury. One player suffering that feeling is Dumbarton's Chris McLaughlin who has been watching his teammates cope with two difficult game, losing 4-1 at home to Livingston before a 0-0 draw with Queen of the South which they were unlucky not to win. Having been ever present in this season's Championship, McLaughlin was absent from those two games after his ankle injury against Falkirk on Saturday, 23 December. His injury requires  him to rest up as much as possible so he did not travel to Dumfries on Tuesday to celebrate a well-earned point against Queens.

Speaking before he due to see the club physio after the swelling healed on his injury, McLaughlin said: "
Hopefully tonight I'll be able to find out if I need a scan, or even have a better idea of how long I'll be out for.  When I first got injured I was thought to be out for six weeks, but that was an estimate due to the swelling. Now that it's gone down, they might know more definitely.  It's been horrible being out. It's all I've been doing, going to training and games, and now games are taking place and I can't play in them.  I'm just hopeful that I'll be fully fit as soon as possible and can return to being involved.  It was a tough game against Livingston, especially coming only three days after Falkirk.  In order to keep resting up, I didn't travel to Dumfries, but I was keeping an eye on how it went.  I heard they played well and had a couple of good chances, but they did well to get a point. I'm buzzing for them after that and hopefully they can keep getting results."

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