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Zander Diamond was less than pleased with referee Iain Brines at the weekend when he blew to disallow his 'goal' against Celtic. While Daimond's comments to the media may yet get him into trouble he has an ally in an unlikely place to argue that the goal should have stood, the referee who blew the whistle. Having had the chance to view the situation in the last minute of the game on video, referee Brines has admitted he got it "completely wrong". This admission will not change the result which means Celtic are still in the hunt for the SPL title.

Speaking in the excellent Whistleblower mini-site of the SFA official website, Iain Brines said: "
In the final minute of the match, Aberdeen were attacking within the Celtic half of the field of play. The ball was on the left wing and was crossed into the packed Celtic penalty area. From the angle I had adopted I observed the Aberdeen player Diamond jump to meet the ball and I believed he used his hand to aid the ball's flight beyond him. Immediately I blew my whistle awarding a free-kick to Celtic. The majority of players reacted to the whistle by stopping - the exception being Diamond who placed the ball into the Celtic goal. On reflection and having had the opportunity to view the incident via television, I fully accept that I called this incident completely wrong. Having adopted the position I did, it didn't allow me to gain the best view of what happened during the incident. It is clear that the goal should not have been disallowed."

Hugh Dallas of the SFA Referee Development Department said: "
Refereeing a match requires our officials to rely on their judgement and positioning to make decisions as they see them within a split second. Sometimes errors are made and it is right to admit when you have made an incorrect call."

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