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Last updated : 13 September 2007 By Alex Horsburgh

This is a mini-European Championship win. The car horns are blowing and the atmosphere is one of relief, confidence and slight disbelief here 40 minutes after surely one of Scotland's greatest ever results. The pub I was in was packed to the rafters and the atmosphere pre-match was one of quiet confidence. We rode the first half rollercoaster but by 35 minutes the beer goggles were on and we felt something was possible on the night. A smattering of French gave the pub an auld alliance slant but the visitors were surely getting ready for the Scots to blow themselves out and the inevitable to happen.

It DIDN'T happen and James McFadden's goal was always a winning goal. We cursed, swore and went into panic as the French seemed to camp inside our half late on but 3 minutes of Injury Time came and went and we were there!! It was Wembley 77, it was Brazil at France 98 before the own goal, it was a Travis Greatest Hits package, it was Flower of Scotland on Hogmanay at five minutes to midnight and the Proclaimers shortly after, it was all this and more. Pour another pint, I don't think I'll be home at a reasonable time tonight.

A bus driver just realises what we have done and blows his horn as a passenger tells him the result.
Edinburgh has unbuttoned its stiff collar tonight and THIS is one to celebrate.

Fadtastic, we have a new King James of

Off the computer and back to the bar. Oh what a night!!, mid September 2007.

Well done
Scotland from Edinburgh!

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