Craigdarroch Castle

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This attraction is about as Scottish as you can get and will certainly count as a 'Must-See' for any Scots trying to fill in those empty days between matches.

Superbly preserved rooms record not a snapshot time in our calendar but the entire history of the Dunsmuir family, the people they employed (of which there were many), the history of Victoria and indeed give us insight to how British Columbia came to be what it is today.

A decent but picturesque walk from the Town Centre, Craigdarroch Castle's owners, the Craigdarroch Castle Historical Museum Society, are to be congratulated on telling the history of the Dunsmuir family as it was, dubious business practices, sexual scandal, political manipulation et al. This openness adds rather than subtracts from the understanding of the eras and makes a refreshing change from the whitewashing of historical figures often seen. Whether it be violent strikebreaking, clandestine adulterous affairs or self- interested Machievellian political machinations, the fascinating history of this family is laid bare for all to read on the first floor noticeboards.

The rooms themselves are so well preserved they look good enough to stay in even today, give or take a chamberpot or two and some of the artwork and room fittings they've bought are every bit as ornate as some of England's finest stately homes.

All in all a worthwhile day out, child friendly too, and if you can find some time to talk to Coal the Chimney Sweep, your effervescent tour guide whose use of the English Language beautifully evokes the aura of Colonial Canada.

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