Messi Provides Tidy Return

Last updated : 25 March 2010 By Senor Service
MessiThe football news and coverage this week has and is still dominated by MESSI!

He is described quite genuinely as the one man that makes Barcelona tick. He is in supreme form just now and this weekend scored a goal of such quality that it runs on the main news as well as the sports summaries. He won the ball around the half way line (yes Messi the striker tackled at the half way line to get possession) then proceed to beat around 5 players, some twice, to get in the box where he fired a wicked angle shot into the far corner of the net.

As the media here are gearing up for the World Cup they have been splitting the screen to show the similarities between Messi’s goal and Maradonna’s one man run from the half way line to score a goal against England all those years ago. The timings of collecting the ball to ball in the net are uncannily similar as are the number and location of the opposition left in their tracks. The shots to goal too are very alike. That said I have spotted one difference in their performances not yet picked up by the Broadcasters. In Maradonna’s case he runs from right to left, but Messi goes from left to right for his goal. An important distinction I think you will agree!

The impact of Messi’s current form is that they are showing as many of his goals as they can find that bear similarities to Maradonna’s goals - lobs, flicks the lot. They even showed the hand of God goal followed by Messi doing something similar though whose hand it was is not stated. The coming Real Madrid versus Barcelona and Arsenal v Barcelona are being trailed on the radio as Messi v Real Madrid and Messi v Arsenal. 

This week despite scoring and playing well Ronaldo is consigned to page 2, or 3 or 4.….such is life in the fast lane.
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