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The mysterious way in which UEFA will make the decision on who wins the right to host EURO2008 has been clarified. The date that the SFA and the FAI will be looking forward to is 12 December this year. The day before the decision s made and announced, each bidding team will be allowed to make a final presentation of their bid to the Joint National Teams' Committee and the Executive Committee. The eight eligible members of the Executive Committee (as members from countries involved in the bids cannot vote at this stage) will then meet to discuss the bids before reducing the number to be considered again down to two or three.

Once favoured two of three have been identified, all Executive Committee members not having a connection to the bids on the short list are allowed to take part in the discussions leading to the final decision. The winner will be based on votes with the winner being the one that receives an absolute majority. If an absolute majority cannot be reached, the bid with the lowest vote will be eliminated followed by a final ballot between the two bid left. The Executive Committee is scheduled to meet for two days (12th and 13th of December) with the decision on EURO2008 expected to be made on the first day.

Just to remind you of the also rans, the six other bidders are Austria and Switzerland, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, Greece and Turkey, Hungary, Nordic 2008 (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, with the support of Iceland and Faroe Islands), and Russia.

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