Early Closing For The Travelling Fan Who Fancies A Song

Last updated : 11 October 2004 By Ed_ScottishFitba
All things were black and white the last time we had to call an early halt to singing
The travelling foot soldiers of the Tartan Army will have to restrain themselves from entertaining the locals of Moldova in the locals of Moldova with an impromptu karaoke session on Wednesday. The Moldovan police take a dim view of noise after 10pm and any bevvy induced singing may result in a free bed for the night in the local jail. The Moldavians have strict rules on noise and have already issued a warning to any travelling Scotland fans to '
keep the heid' and put an early halt to the singing at night. As usual, the Tartan Army is not expected to be troublesome to any great degree but the police will not hesitate to arrest any of the travelling support who break the law.

I just wonder how many of the Army will remember the warning when the clock strikes the witching hour of 10pm. The early halt to festivities brings to mind modern day England with their antiquated licensing laws. Of course, Scotland’s fans have won awards for their good behaviour at major football tournaments in the past, most notably at EURO92 in Sweden and the 1998 World Cup in France. Moldova expect to welcome more than 2,000 of the Tartan Army for the World Cup qualifier in Chisinau, the country’s capital - the largest travelling support in their football association’s history.

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