'Tis The Season To Be Bountiful

C:WindowsTempphpEC51.tmpIt is better to give than receive is often quoted at this time of year. Montrose have taken it to heart this year and are giving season tickets to their counterparts at Montrose Youth FC. All of the over 200 players will receive a ticket for Links Park to come along and back manager Stewart Petrie’s side which is chasing promotion in the right way as they sit six points clear and are guaranteed to be top of the table for Christmas.

Stuart Taylor, Chairman of Montrose Youth FC said: "
I would like thank Montrose FC for this great gesture. The boys and girls, and of course their parents, will all appreciate the offer greatly, and it is yet another positive step in bringing the two clubs closer together." Montrose Chairman John Crawford added: "We are delighted to be able to offer these tickets to the kids within Montrose Youth FC. Stuart and his club are great supporters of the club through their extensive use and hire of our facilities and now working under the umbrella of Links Park Community Trust, we hope to strengthen this relationship even further. Attracting fans of the future is a constant challenge these days so we hope this will encourage a few more to come along and add to what is becoming an increasingly exciting season."

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