Adventures In The Golden Age: Scotland In The World Cup Finals 1974-1988

For those Scotland fans of a certain age; Archie MacPherson was synonymous with international football.  While domestic football was graced with his observations on the 15 minutes of highlights from the league programme once per week; international football allowed Archie full rein.  He was a friend to international players and managers alike as he was travelling with them; staying in the same hotels; drinking in the same bars and suffering the disappointments along the way.  MacPherson is not one to criticise players, especially not when playing for their country and when things happened on tour, they stayed on tour.

Until now that is as Archie has written all his stories in his latest book: "
Adventures in the Golden Age: Scotland in the World Cup Finals 1974-1988" which is published tomorrow, 26 April 2018. Archie knew them all; Jock Stein; Ally MacLeod; Willie Ormond; Alex Ferguson (pre-knighthood); Andy Roxburgh; Craig Brown and was there to commiserate when their teams failed to qualify for round two of the World Cup Finals.

Archie also knew the players and their antics as boys will have their fun when away from home.  I will leave you to read the book to get all the stories.

2018 is the 20th anniversary of Scotland qualifying for the final stages of the World Cup. This year will see Scotland fans missing out on Russian hospitality - as described by the man with the microphone; Archie MacPherson.

Adventures in the Golden Age: Scotland in the World Cup Finals 1974-1988 is published by Black and White Publishing priced at £11.99; ISBN 978-1-78530-191-9

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