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The motion to the Scottish Parliament on EURO2008 was made by Fiona McLeod, MSP, and read as follows:

"That the Parliament recognises that hosting a major sporting event like the European Football Championships brings economic and social benefit to the host nation and resolves to work with all other interested parties and organisations to develop a bid for Scotland to host the 2008 European Football Championships."

The above motion has been supported by the following Members of the Scottish Parliament. Click on the MSP's name to read why he/she is backing the proposal.

Kenneth GibsonAndrew WelshTommy SheridanLloyd Quinan
Andrew WilsonFergus EwingLinda FabianiShona Robison
Duncan HamiltonSandra WhiteIrene McGuiganRichard Lochhead
Adam IngramTricia MarwickAlex NeilGil Paterson
John SwinneyNicola SturgeonBrian AdamMichael Matheson
Margaret EwingKenny MacAskillDr Winnie Ewing

Tricia Marwick MSP (Mid-Scotland and Fife)

"Yes of course we can hold Euro 2008. What a boost to our economy it would be. Our tourism industry can do with a shot in the arm and what better way to market Scotland than the world wide television coverage that the tournament will attract.

The Stadia are among the best in Europe and we have the added attraction of our own wonderful Tartan Army which has made friends all over the world. Surely the supporters of Europe will want to engage on our own home soil.

To those who say WHY? I say WHY NOT? We can do it, we should do it, we must do it. And......we will qualify as hosts and play all our games at home!"

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Duncan Hamilton MSP (Highlands and Islands)

"There is no question in my mind that Scotland has a great case to host Euro 2008. The infrastructure is already in place - can you imagine a better stadium than Hampden, Ibrox or Parkhead to play major internationals - and we have a footballing tradition which is second to none.

In terms of the economic benefit to Scotland just think about what it would mean for hotels and the tourist trade and it would provide an incredible opportunity for Scots to sell our image to a whole new generation of our fellow Europeans. Perhaps best of all though, it would guarantee that we qualified!!"

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Michael Matheson MSP (Central Scotland)

"Hosting the 2008 Euro championships here in Scotland, will have both major social and economic benefits for Scotland. But that aside, it will also place our nation on the international stage demonstrating our ability to host such a major event.

I'm always amazed at those within the Scottish sports media who lack the ambition of Scotland hosting such an event. It's time to raise our game and hosting the 2008 Euro championships is certainly one way of achieving that."

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Brian Adam MSP (North East Scotland)

"Scotland has hosted international tournaments in the past although not on the scale of the European championships. I recall the extremely successful World under 16 championships in 1990 which drew large crowds to grounds all over Scotland. It is not only the large European countries that can or should stage the major championships. A separate bid by Scotland or a joint one with Ireland will have my full support"

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Kenny MacAskill MSP (Lothians)

The benefit of Scotland succeeding in a bid for Euro 2008 would be to give us something to aspire to both in terms of football on the field and infrastructure off it. The target date would be known and from a football perspective the strategy of youth development from the SFA would be boosted.

The ethos would hopefully change from an SPL short term fix to an SFA long term game. Off the field there would be require to be an agenda to update , improve and create both stadia and transport links. Again a vision would be required that would provide an agenda to be worked to. In terms of facilities an end to the nonsense of having 3 massive stadia in one city and non other than Murrayfield elsewhere could be rectified.

Public assistance through national or local government could be provided to ensure that at minimum Aberdeen and Dundee have adequate facilities. Venues in Inverness and Ayrshire could also be targeted. After all why should we not seek to emulate the French view of seeing such facilities as municipal assets. With regard to public infrastructure there would clearly be a need to work towards an agenda to bring Scotland in terms of transport into the 21st Century.

Those of us who were in France are aware of the ability to move easily by road , rail and air. The nonsense of not even having a motorway connecting Edinburgh to Glasgow never mind the Central Belt to the Highlands would have to be overcome. As would the inadequate rail and rail links. The success of the bid would focus minds and require the timetabling for long awaited action to be taken . In summary the success of such a bid would be a fillip to Scottish Fitba and an incentive to pick our country up by its boot straps. Moreover we might win it - I have a dream!!!

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Kenneth Gibson MSP (Glasgow)

"Sweden hosted Euro '92 with smaller and less well developed stadia than Scotland. The tournament was a roaring success and proved 'small is beautiful' in this context.

Despite the expansion of the competition to 16 teams, I believe we will have the infrastructure available by 2008, with Pittodrie, for example being re-built and the possibility of extending Tynecastle, Easter Road, Fir Park etc to add to Rugby Park, Murrayfield and the Glasgow stadiums. In terms of hotel beds, numbers and quality are increasing all the time. Edinburgh copes with thousands of Festival visitors each year. All Scotland could surely cope with thousands of foreign fans. Road, rail and links will surely have improved by 2008 and such a tournament will encourage greater investment.

The tournament will be great for Scotland in raising our profile, attracting tourists, promoting Scotland overseas as a place to visit, live in and invest and, crucially, will ensure our participation in the tournament without having to qualify!

If Scotland lacks the self confidence to pursue Euro 2008 on its own, then a joint bid with the Republic of Ireland could be a compromise."

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Sandra White MSP (Glasgow)

"Hosting the European Championships would bring massive benefits with investment in stadia to bring them up to the necessary standards with resulting long term boosts to standards at Scottish grounds.

Hosting the championships would be a massive boost to the game in Scotland with increased interest hopefully resulting in larger attendances at Scottish grounds and greater interest in the game at all levels.

However perhaps the most important reason for hosting the championships is that Scotland's qualification would be guaranteed."

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